Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Burlesque against breast cancer

What a frustrating and mixed week or so for photography this has been. There's some good and some bad things.

I got to go down and shoot a great night at Dirty Dicks in Liverpool Street. It's run by a guy called Mark Farley and it's called 'Burlesque against breast cancer'. He runs these nights for charity.

It was a really good line up including Ivy Paige (hosting) Hotcake Kitty and Ruby Fortune, I've seen them before and they are great. There was also some speakers/writers doing readings in between which added a nice break from the norm into the evening. It was really nice and chilled.

My hat goes off to Sophia Rose who's music failed as she was about to perform but carried on any way (with the help of Ivy's pianist). She did very well considering things going wrong.

The only downside is that because it was in a pub the lighting was terrible and i'm really frustrated with the shots. I know I can do and have done better. I was shooting F1.8 iso1600 and around 1/80 and they were still massively under exposed. I'm happy with some of them but it was frustrating.

Burlesque against breast cancer facebook group

More photos from the night can be seen here.


  1. You're way too harsh on yourself! The pics from Dirty Dicks look managed to make the place look fairly glamourous despite the low ceiling & ye olde worldy pub vibe!

  2. Cheers, that's just the kinda person I am. Shooting there makes me glad to shoot in somewhere like the Black Sheep bar.