Monday, 19 October 2009

Next year

I don't have anything new photos to blog about at the moment but I will do soon. I have some things coming up soon which I'm excited about. I'm shooting a burlesque charity show which has an amazing line up including Ruby Fortune and Ivy paige, TDWP on friday at the garage (a little anxious as I've never shot there before), IWRESTLEDABEARONCE at the Electric Ballroom, Gallows and Blessthefall are some examples.

This year hasn't been a brilliant year for me apart from a few things that have happened. I spend a lot of my time thinking about whats a head and how things will turn out and unfold. Easily one of the biggest and most important things to happen to me this year was New York (which I mentioned in my second post on here). I know I keep banging on about New York but I achieved something I never dreamed I'd ever get round to doing. I went to Warped Tour, not only did I go but I got to shoot it.

I have a list of life goals and ambitions which I honestly thought would stay untouched. Shooting/going to Warped was one of them. It may not seem like much to some people but considering the things that have happened to me this year and the fact i had actually given up photography last summer, it was a big turn around.

Next year I'd love to go one further and I want to be part of the tour. I want to travel with it across America photographing the places and the people. Ideally I'd want to travel with a band I loved.

At the moment it seems highly unlikely but so did going this year.

A guy can dream right?

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