Wednesday, 28 October 2009

London MCM Expo

A friend of mine produces some small press comics and had a table at the London MCM Expo and someone that was meant to be sharing it with her pulled out so I volunteered to help her out.

Here's the second frustrating photography moment of the week. I left my camera battery at home. School boy error. It was so annoying as I had been invited by Ivy Paige to shoot one of her shows. It turned out to be a pretty good day in the end, hanging out with Julia was really nice and I got to see some of the comics people I haven't seen in ages and some i've always wanted to meet.

Went back on the sunday so I could grab some photos. Not overly happy with the photos. I was trying something and it didn't really work properly. I wanted to shoot more like how I shot the street photos in New York but it was too packed and enclosed for it to work properly.

Photos from the Expo can be seen here.

Check out Julia's work.

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