Friday, 9 October 2009

London Tattoo Convention

London Tattoo Convention was a few weeks ago. I like going to the tattoo conventions, I have a big interest in tattoos/tattooing and the culture that surrounds it. In the same way I love watching artists paint or draw, I love watching tattoo artists working on people. I also like watching people that are having work done, a lot of the time they are either quite blank and still, in pain or laughing about and it's nice to try and capture that. Its always a good was as well for me to meet up with friends I don't see often.

One of the cool things about the weekend was I got to catch a little bit of Vince Ray playing with his band.

The weird thing at the moment is I'm shooting more and more in black and white and less in colour. I enjoy black and white and maybe one day I'll only shoot in black and white but who knows. I don't like the idea of only shooting in one style, it feels quite constricting but i don't get as much out of colour. The thing i worry about is that it will all be too samey. If you look back over this blog so far it's 90% black and white. mixed feelings.

More LTC photos can be seen here.

More Vince Ray photos can be seen here too.


  1. Black & white definitely works better, creates more 'mood' and also adds a timeless quality whereas colour sometimes looks flat.

  2. I think it's a case where there is no right answer to all this. I do love black and white burlesque shots though.

  3. Love your photos. The devolution of sharpness is brilliant. Nice work.