Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hearts Under Fire - Facedown

Last night I went to Facedown club at the Scala in Kings Cross to see a band i love, Hearts Under Fire, play their last gig with their singer Sian. Hearts Under Fire are a great band and they have so much energy and fight in their music and gigs. I'm actually quite gutted Sian is leaving the band, she has an amazing voice and presence and it will be missed. The band are still carrying on with the bass player (Mary) taking over vocal duties. As much as i'm sad to see Sian leave, i'm excited to see where this band goes.

Please check them out...
Hearts Under Fire's Myspace page

More photos from their set can be seen here


  1. Love that second picture!

  2. Second photo is fantastic, really Riot Grrl-esque

  3. cheers guys. i really loved the fourth one.