Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Baddies - Borderline

Got to go and see Baddies at the borderline the other night. I've vaguely known Mike for years from his days in Engerica and when Baddies got together something always got in the way of me seeing them. I've managed to catch them a couple of times now and they are a superb band and a nice bunch of guys.

Borderline is one of those venues that doesn't have a barrier and never normally care about cameras but for whatever reason they wouldn't let me in with my camera without a pass on this occasion. Thankfully I bumped into Mike as I was talking to the security guard and he sorted it out for me.

Borderline is quite a horrible venue to photograph in as it has terrible lighting but a curved stage means you can get some good angles on the band, especially the drummer!

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Check out Baddies on myspace.

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