Thursday, 8 October 2009

Steve Austin & Howard Chaykin

Ok so if you don't already know my day job is for a company called Forbidden Planet and one of the perks of the job is that we have a lot of signings, ranging from new up and coming authors and artists to some quite big named people.

This week has been a great week at work for signings. This week we've had former wrestling superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin signing...

Steve Austin was such a nice guy, he signed for about 3 hours and made sure everyone got seen, took his time with everyone and had a great laugh.

we also had a comics legend, Howard Chaykin signing as well...

Taking photos at signing is a bit weird, it's quite hard to do something different and interesting with someone stood/sat in one place talking and signing for people but i always try and get a range of shots.

The thing i like about shooting them even if they are quite similar is the fact that I'm getting to photograph people I'd never have to chance to in any other situation.

More Stone Cold photos (and larger versions) can be seen here.

Larger versions of the Howard Chaykin photos can be seen here.

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