Saturday, 15 May 2010

TRC - The Underworld

I went to another show this week at The Underworld in Camden and guess what... I got a pass (despite them saying there's no such thing at the IWABO show). Went to see Deez Nuts play and I want to thank Miles/TRC for sorting out my pass.

I decided not to shoot the first couple of bands as they weren't 100% my cup of tea but the first band of the night I shot was TRC. I've heard a lot about this band, seen them getting a lot of press recently and seen a lot of photos from other photographers. I was really intrigued to see what they were actually like live. They had no front lighting so the stage was insanely dark except for the back lighting and it made it quite a challenge to shoot. I struggled to get the right exposure a lot of time as I kept finding people in the shots were either too dark at the front of them but way over exposed from the back. I used flash a bit more than I normally would, especially using it with my 50mm lens which I normally never do. Having 6 band members on the stage makes picking out people to photograph harder. Mixed feelings about how the photos came out but hopefully they'll like them.

The crowd were pretty crazy throughout the night which meant shooting from the side of stage for the whole night. Its good because it means I can get decent drummer shots but unless people come close it's not always easy to get shots of band members on the far side of the stage.

The second to last band were The Ghost Inside they had the best lighting of the night. The singer covered the stage really well and they were pretty easy to shoot. Was quite impressed with them and their set as a whole.

The lighting went a bit shit for Deez Nuts and I don't think things really clicked for me while they were on and think it shows in the photos.


The Ghost Inside

Deez Nuts

The other TRC photos are here.

The Ghost Inside photos can be seen here.

The Deez Nuts photos are here.

Things are still a bit weird at the moment and I think I'm going to turn down an oppertunity I've been offered as I just don't think it's right for me and what I'm doing at the moment. I'm happy doing things the way I am at the moment and don't really want to comprimise that, especially as doors seem to be opening up as it is.

I've decided I want to produce/publish a burlesque photography booked based around London. I really think I can do it, it's going to take a lot of planning and work and I'm not expecting things to happen over night but fingers crossed I can pull this off. I really feel like I need to do something and especially do something constructive. I would love to try and get something sorted by next years London Burlesque Week.

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