Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lights - The Borderline

Lights was over doing her first headlining tour of the UK and she was playing The Borderline. I've seen Lights a number of times now and managed to photograph her on three of those occasions. Unfortunatly I've lost all my original/hi res copies of the photos (except for the ones from Warped) when my hard drive died so I was looking forward to getting some more shots. I met up with a friend beforehand and went for a drink. Someone that works with Lights sorted me out with a photopass as they had photo restrictions. We walked in during the support band which was a surreal experience as it was virtually pitch black except for a video being projected on the back of the stage and the crowd we hitting around loads of white balloons.

The good stuff about the night was that she was superb. She really has a stunning voice and it's really powerfull. Lights has a a really great infectious stage presence and a smile that makes it hard not to enjoy watch her perform. It also really comes out in the music which i've always thought has an extra bounce to it live.

The not so good stuff about the night was I actually had a hard time getting in. I had an email confirming my photopass was fine but when I got there the venue said I wasn't on any list. I managed (through my friend) to get hold of Lights' tour manager who said she had sorted it out and had personnaly seen my name on the list but when I went back the venue still said my name wasn't down. They let me take my camera in but it felt like it was only because I was annoying them that they just gave in. I had actually bought a ticket too which I asked the door people if I could put someones name down to collect it which they said was fine but again, they claimed they didn't have her name down. It actually put quite a downer on the night for me. I also struggled to get a decent place in the crowd and it was hard to shoot Lights round her keyboard set up and I gave up in the end because I was just getting frustrated. My problems and frustrations were overshadowed by Lights being awesome.

Lights is playing a surprise show tomorrow so hopefully that will go a lot better that last night.

The rest of the photos from the night are here.

Pretty much no one knows this but since last summer I've kept an old US Dollar in my wallet. It's helped keep me sane as I see it pretty much every day and it reminds me (obviously) of America and New York specificly. Reminds me no matter how shit I feel that it hasn't and won't always be like that. Recently I've been feeling worse and worse and the Dollar has started to lose it's effect. I just hope it starts working when I come back from there in July.

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