Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lights - Underbelly

I'm never actually sure whether people are reading this or not but if you are then you've probably read that I've been pretty down and fed up recently. I've been quite frustrated about my photography and situations I've been in.

After the Lights show at The Borderline I felt like I'd screwed up a chance at shooting Lights and I'm never sure if I'll get another. Luckily Lights played a surprise show last night at the Underbelly in Hoxton.

I bought a ticket and got down there and was one of the first people in which meant I could grab a decent spot at the front which meant that I could relax a bit and not stress about how I was going to shoot the show.

I've seen Lights play similar size venues before but this was probably the one that felt the most intimate. It was also really nice that Lights was on first because it meant a lot less waiting around.

I'd never been to this bar/venue before but it was such a nice place, the stage was decorated quite nice and it had quite low key but good lighting. Sometimes it was a bit hit and miss depending on where Lights was standing but I really liked the feel that it gave the photos.

This is probably my favourite set of Lights photos. Thankfully this show and the one (maybe two) I'm going to write about at the weekend have kinda restored my faith a bit in what I'm doing.

The rest of the photos of Lights from this gig are here.


  1. Stunning photos as usual :) xx

  2. These photo's are amazing. They really capture Lights spirit. :D

  3. These are a little burlesque-y with the stage and the lighting. It's all very soft. And yeah, they are much better than the Borderline ones. Just roll with the good times you shoot - you just keep solidifying the fact that you can do it, and when you do the results are awesome.

  4. Cheers. I know what you mean. It wasn't your normal venue lighting and I think thats why I liked it.

    It's a big yoyo. The bad days make me feel like I can't do this & the good days make me feel like I can.