Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blessed By A Broken Heart - The Underworld

I don't know why but virtually every show I want to shoot at the moment is at The Underworld at the moment. My third recent trip there was for Blessed By A Broken Heart. I saw them last time they were over but it's taken me some time to appreciate them and enjoy how fun they are if you don't take them too seriously.

I had a pass for the show but as it wasn't rammed I decided to shoot the bands partly from the side and partly from the front in the crowd.

The lighting was average for the support bands and I hadn't heard the first two bands but shot a few pictures anyway. The main support was Lovehatehero and I was quite looking forward to seeing them and they were good. Really energetic and one of the drummer and guitarists seemed to have a lot of fun posing for shots.

As BBABH came on stage it got absolutely flooded with smoke as they were using lasers which made it pretty hard to shoot well. It's hard to use flash because everything comes out quite hazy but it's even worse to shoot without. As well as shooting from the front of the stage I shot from both side stages as well which I don't often do there trying to cover all the members of the band. They put on a good show but it got crazier and crazier as it went on as the stage kept getting invaded by the crowd and during the last song I ended up helping rescue a keyboard and stand before it got lost to the crowd.

I had a lot of fun during this show and it was pretty laid back and stress free which is always a positive.

My fourth show at The Underworld will be seeing Eyes Set To Kill and Confide supporting IAMGHOST.

The Morning After

The First


Blessed By A Broken Heart

The Morning After / The First photos are here.

Lovehate here photos can be seen here.

The BBABH photos are here.

I forgot to mention in the last update about the TRC show that someone was sick on my camera bag at some point during the gig. It was pretty fucking rank. Cheers to whoever that was.

I also passed up on some regular with webzine which I might go more into in another blog. Another gig I shot this week was Third Eye Blind but the photos should be used on Bring The Noise but I'll wait till they are up before writing about the gig and posting photos.

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