Monday, 10 May 2010


Normally when I'm sorting out a pass I email the people I need to well in advance and email several times to confirm everything in the lead up but I completely forgot to email and sort my pass out officially for Sunday's IWRESTLEDABEARONCE gig. Thankfully the guy who answered my very last minute emails and sorted it out for me. On my way up to Camden I also forgot the Northern Line on the Tube wasn't working so had to go a longer way round. I really had this feeling that the night was on a knife edge and that something was going to go wrong.

If there's a gig I desperately want to go to then I buy tickets first and sort out a pass later, this way if anything goes wrong I don't miss out. Got to the venue and found my name wasn't down on the guestlist so I had no pass. I went downstairs and spoke to IWRESTLEDABEARONCE's merch guy who tried to sort it out and the people on the door told him that The Underwold don't do photopasses. I've had loads of passes for The Underworld before but every now and again they seem to deny all knowledge about this. The venue at the time wasn't too packed so I just grabbed a place at the front.

First band on were Dead and Divine who were pretty good, the singer had 'home sick' across his knuckles and I tried to get a decent shot of them but couldn't. It made me think a lot about knuckle tattoos and how I'd like to do a project on them.

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE were on second and they were AMAZING. They have so much energy and just kill it live every time but this was the best I've seen them. Kyrsta was a lot more talkative and engaging with the crowd. She also had me laughing a lot at the things she was saying. I'm quite gutted that they join the Warped Tour about 2 dates after I go this summer.

As I was only there for IWABO, when they finished I moved up to the balcony bit at the side and watched a bit of the main band The Chariot before leaving. I shot a few photos from there and quite like how they came out.

I really need to write about all the things I'd like to shoot and projects I'd love to work on. They are all rattling round in my head and feel like I need to get them down before I forget them. Might try and do that over the next few days.

The Chariot

Dead and Devine


The IWRESTLEDABEARONCE photos are here.

The other photos of Dead and Devine and The Chariot are here.

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