Saturday, 8 May 2010

Riot Girls - Facedown

Last time I was at Facedown after the band has performed they had the M.O.B girls performing but this time they had the Riot Girls instead.

The Riot Girls are about the fourth alternative dance troupe I've seen perform and I have to say they were pretty damn good. They were a lot more performance based than a lot of the other acts like this which was great, they were more like a circus/horror/burlesque act than just a dance troupe. They did about 5 routines, one after the other each involving different members of the group.

I really enjoyed shooting these girls and am really happy with the shots. Thankfully unlike normal, I didn't get covered in water or any other liquid being thrown about!

I'd love to do more backstage shots with a group like this.

More of the Riot Girls photos are here.

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