Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Miss Led - Work in progress

Yesterday afternoon I met up with Miss Led in her studio/workspace to photograph her. The previous times I've photographed her has mostly when she's been doing live art and it's all on a large scale. Photographing live painting can be hard due to the limitations on the angles you can get as it's virtually always on walls. This makes it hard to get front on shots/a lot of variety but going to Miss Led's work space really opened that up.

Miss Led is insanely busy at the moment with lots of different projects on the go so it was good to try and capture her working while also maybe giving an insight into her methods. If you haven't guessed already, I love her work and shooting her over the last year or so has been really motivating and inspiring. I fell in love with her studio space, it's wall to wall art and materials while still being very open/spacious. It's the kinda place I've always wanted. She's also bee incredibly supportive which I'm really grateful for.

This is definitely what I want to move into and I tried to change things up as much as possible, switching between my two lenses and between B/W and colour. Hopefully it will be a nice contrast to the other photos I've taken of Miss Led. Fingers crossed this is something we will do again and maybe more ongoing as I really want to work with and be more involved with Miss Led. She's so talented and I want to be able to help share that with everyone.

The photos I've uploaded now don't show any of the work Miss Led is working on for obvious reasons but maybe once the work is finished and out there, there maybe a few more photos.

Despite my self esteem and mood dropping over the last week or some from being worn out, I've had a lot of supportive messages and lots of kind words (some from people I really wasn't expecting it from) and it's been really encouraging, so thank you very much!

I'm waiting to hear back on a few things but I'm trying to push my comfort zone and trying to push for shoots and opportunities that my head says I'm not good enough for but I've got to try. We'll see what happens.

It's been a while since I've taken any photos of myself. It's something I keep wanting to do, especially at the time when I'm at my lowest but that's normally when I have the least motivation so never do it. I also find it hard seeing the photos after I've taken but I had a haircut and decided it was time.

Self Portrait

More of the photos from the afternoon are here.

Please check out Miss Led's website here.

Miss Led's Facebook page is here.

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