Saturday, 8 May 2010

Daisy Dares You - Facedown

After a close friend suggested with hit up Facedown at the Scala for a night out I noticed that Daisy Dares You were performing. I've seen her in the press a fair bit recently and was intrigued to see what she was like. Trying to sort out a photopass last minute can be quite tricky but with the help of the people that run Facedown as well as Daisy Dares You's record label, I got it sorted pretty easily.

I always feel very exposed in clubs and extremely self concious so taking photos breaks that up a bit.

Daisy Dares You were a lot different and a lot better than I imagined, some bands don't put a great deal into their performance and fill inbetween songs quite a lot but Daisy herself was all over the stage and very energetic. The band just got on a played the songs (and played hard).

I've talked about this venue before and I don't think I'm repeating myself too much but I like the Scala, it's got some really good strong lights and the front of the stage is always lit really well. Towards the back can be a bit to hazy and smokey but I can't really complain. The other thing I like is the low stage, it means you can get a more level/straight on angle which you normally can't get as you are normally just angled up at the performer. It makes facial shots a lot easier.

I'd definitely like to photograph Daisy Dares You again before she gets too big (ruling me out of being able to get passes).

The rest of the Diasy Dares You photos are here.

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