Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ned & Carly Hartly - Wedding Day

I've known Ned and Carly for a couple of years. They have both been very supportive and helpful to me and I'm very thankful for that. A lot of my experience with music photography stems from Carly giving me a chance when she worked for Rockworld and helped get me a lot of great opportunities besides shooting bands.

They got engaged on last years Valentines day and got married on Thursday. Carly's uncle is a photographer and was doing the official photographs for the day but they asked me if I would come and take photos as well.

Shooting weddings scares the shit out of me. It's such a huge day in peoples lives and I stress about cocking up the photos and leaving the people with nothing to look back on or the photos just being shit. Having someone else take the formal shots took all of the stress and nerves away, they were happy for me to do exactly what I wanted to do and however I wanted to do it. As I love shooting black and white and the fact all the formal shots would be in colour I decided to stick to that.

The day started with going to the hotel the bride and bridesmaids were staying. I got to take some photos of them getting ready and having their hair and make up down. I've always really wanted to do this. Then it was off to the wedding ceremony which was in a stunning conservatory in the Barbican. As it was a conservatory the lighting was just stunning which made shooting so easy and such a joy. Having everyone surrounded by these amazing planets and flowers was great too. I think the only part of the day I didn't do particularly well was Ned and Carly's first dance. I didn't want to use flash and the dance floor wasn't very well lit so I tried to catch other people's flashes going off. It worked but it wasn't great.

I am really happy with the photos and I really hope Ned and Carly do too. I'm proud that I got to be a part of an amazing day. The wedding really was perfect from start to finish and I got spend a lot of time with a lot of my close friends too.

Thank you and congratulations to Ned and Carly.

My favourites from the day are here in my Flickr stream.

There's an official wedding Flickr photostream here, which has a lot more of my photos from the day as well as a lot by other people.

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