Thursday, 15 April 2010

Jonathan Ross & Tommy Lee Edwards signing

At work we had Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards signing their new comic (Turf) at the London FP store. Obviously I've mentioned before how important comics are to me and it's always really nice to meet people who share that passion. I'm always a little worried when people come in for signings that I'm going to find out that they aren't particularly nice but both Jonathan (who I met once before) and Tommy were superb. Both really nice guys and love what they are doing. Jonathan Ross' love of comics is really refreshing and when doing press for Turf, he'd much rather talk about the things he loves like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko than promote himself.

There's not much else I can write without gushing too much (and i've written before about what it's like to shoot a signing but you should definitely check out the comic, TLE's art is great on it and it'll be a good read.

I'm out seeing Hearts Under Fire tonight at the Peel and Melissa Auf Der Maur at Cargo tomorrow so expect more photos over the weekend.

The rest of the signing photos can be seen here.

You can check out Turf here.


  1. You didn't put the one up with Jonathan doing that weird finger thing.

    However, you are awesome. And I've gotta stop starting a positive with a negative eh?

  2. You don't have to post as anonymous! You can put a name in.

    I chose the photo posted over the one with the hand in because they have better facial expressions. The smiles work better.

    Thank you.