Monday, 5 April 2010


I've had this last week off work and had the chance to do a fair bit of photography (as you may have read below). On Saturday I went down to see my good friend Kirsty so we could shoot a set of photos for her for Suicide girls. I had to be out of the house not long after 7am which wasn't easy but I got the chance to make a dent in the Emery photos while on the train.

We used a rehearsal room in Monster studios in Brighton to shoot in. It was a nice little room, have a drum kit and amps about. We had quite a laugh doing it while listening to some Bon Jovi.

A while ago I bought a soft box, stand and some wireless triggers for my flash gun but I've never been able to get used to it or find settings that worked. Pretty much everything I shot was just way too over exposed. I decided before this shoot to buy an umbrella and to give that a go instead. It worked so much better than the soft box and I felt quite comfortable with it.

Shooting a Suicide Girls set is a lot different to anything I've shot before. There's so many do's and don'ts as well as the fact there needs to be 40 - 60 shots that are different and show progression. I had to use photoshop to clean up the photos far more than I ever have before. I got to know the clone and heal tool very well over this weekend. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the results and Kirsty is too which is the main thing. We'll see what happens.

We booked the room out for 4 hours and we were done with the SG stuff in about an hour and a half and we planned to try and shoot some shots that were more fetish orientated than the SG shots. We shot using latex hot pants and skirt, a mask and a Jane Doe eye patch. These are the shots I'll be posting below.

Kirsty is a superb model. She has a really good look and she just oozes confidence and energy. She is so fun and lively that she's a joy to be around. Kirsty's really the first person I've shot that I've felt totally comfortable with and not really panicked or stressed while shooting. This was a major step forward for me and a massive confidence boost. I've been thinking a lot about something that was said at the Ross Halfin talk about not being intimidated when you shoot and this time I wasn't. I'm hoping this gives me a real boost and confidence to do more shoots. I owe Kirsty for having faith in me and not doubting me.

The non SG shots can be seen here.

The place we shot in (Monster studios) can be seen here.


  1. They're really good, especially the ones with the mask.

    Well done mate.

  2. Cheers Keith. There's some others i'll have to email you.