Saturday, 3 April 2010

Emery - Barfly

Over the last year and a half I've really grown to love Emery. I got to see them on their first visit to the UK at 'Give It A Name' last year and they were superb so I was eagerly awaiting them coming back. They played a show at the Barfly in Camden as part of a headline tour.

The Barfly is a venue I love shooting in, it's got great sound and a good lighting rig. Providing I can get to the front i'm normally pretty pleased with my shots. For whatever reason (which I have no clue what it is) they just used one set of blue lights for all the bands and for the entire night. It's harder to make photos look different without changes in lighting but I got through it. Their set was amazing but there's still probably 4 or 5 songs i'd kill to see live.

I realised when I came to write this that I hadn't shot a gig since the Gallows which was not far off 2 months ago. Very strange.

Photos from the support bands (Moneen and Deaf Havana) can be seen here.

The rest of the Emery photos are here.


  1. I told you I'd go back and make comments.
    Pictures like these ^^ remind me of some ones I saw of yours (I think ADTR old ones). I think it's a shame that alot of the time your style might get overlooked. I think it's really important, and really quite impressive, that you can take a moment and really slow. it. down. Especially with photos of bands. It's pretty easy for someone to take a photo, capture a bit of lighting or whatever, but to completely change the mood (in a good way) is taking it in an exciting direction.
    The middle one, in particular, resonates what I'm saying quite alot. And I think the black and white helps.

  2. Thank you, I think it's something that is coming slowly but I do think a style is starting to emerge. Whether it's mine or not is debatable.

    I've said (to you especially) that I like finding quiet moments on stage, especially with bands that make heavy music. I also want to show people things that I notice that people sometimes miss (like the quite moments or looks/glances that are something different).

  3. Of course it's yours - you're the one doing it. It'll never be the same as anyone elses no matter how you try to emulate or whatever.
    Yeah, I'm beginning to see you making it more obvious - your photos are markedly different from each different thing you shoot. Your music ones are still my favourites.