Saturday, 24 April 2010

Melissa Auf der Maur

Melissa Auf der Maur is someone I've been a fan of for sometime now, I knew of her from her days in Hole and Smashing Pumpkins but really loved her debut solo album. One of my first photopasses (when I was using a point and shoot camera) was a gig of her's at the Mean Fiddler. I didn't actually take any photos that night (long story) and I've been dying to see her play again and to shoot her since then.

She was meant to be playing a show last Saturday at Cargo but that got cancelled due to the volcanic ash situation and she was grounded in Finland. She traveled across Europe though to make a screening she was having on Wednesday and managed to re-arrange the Cargo show for the same night at the Jazz Cafe.

Rachel, who was doing Melissa's PR was a saint as she put up with me emailing her millions of times over the last week or so asking about times of things and what was happening with everything. She was a massive help.

Despite being shattered I decided to go to both, I headed down to the screening early so I could get a place at the front to get some pictures. Melissa was showing a short film she made to go along with her new album which was beautifully shot and she did a brief Q&A after. It was really interesting to here her talk about the making of the film, her album and what she has been up to in the years she's been away. I always find it interesting seeing musicians not on stage performing.

After the Q&A it was a mad dash from the ICA to the Jazz Cafe. There was no barrier so I was behind a few people. I know you I write a lot about lighting but it was bright but not really bright enough. It was a hard light to shoot in and I was having to peek round people. Melissa's performance was superb, she has such presence on stage and really draws your attention even when she's being reserved.

Amanda Palmer was also there and she performed with Melissa as part of the encore which was really cool (especially seeing the two of them together) but I had to leave during it to make sure I got the last tube.

I'm editing the second set of my London Burlesque Week tomorrow and then I'm off to the closing night so I'll probably do a big blog update next week with photos from all three LBW shows I went to.

"Out of our minds" screening Q&A

Sky Larkin (support at the Jazz Cafe)

Melissa Auf der Maur

The other Q&A photos are here.

More Sky Larkin photos are here.

The photos of Melissa Auf der Maur (and Amanda Palmer) are here.

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