Sunday, 6 June 2010

Riot Girls & Banbury Cross

I am so tired but I've been busy the last few days which I can't complain about.

Friday night I went to Facedown again to shoot the Riot Girls again. Yashin were also playing but I really didn't fancy shooting them.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Riot Girls this time around, wasn't sure if it would be the same routine or whether it would be something new. Thankfully it was different and parts of it were a lot more like traditional burlesque.

I got to talk to another photographer called Penny a bit more, the weird thing is, is that I've sort of knew her 8 years ago. She's offered to help me out on some of the projects I want to do which I may take her up on.

The girls themselves were great but for most of their performance the lighting was pretty shit. It had been an insanely long day. The photos are ok but not great. I think the last set is better. If I get to photograph them next month I think I may use flash and try shooting in colour as I've concentrated on black and white so far.

Something that was quite cool was that it their performance was dedicated to Paul Gray from Slipknot.

The rest of the Riot Girls photos are here.

Yesterday involved lots of running around and while in town I found out last minute that Banbury Cross was performing at the Piazza in Covent Garden. I had to go home and grab my camera and head straight back out. I was quite looking forward to idea of seeing some burlesque in daylight and in a pretty public place but was a bit unsure about how far Banbury would go.

She was performing to promote the opening of a shop and it was Maryln Monroe's birthday this week so it was pretty fitting.

There were some problems with the music while she was performing but she was great despite that. I loved the lighting in the Piazza and it made me want to shoot more things outside and during the day.

The other Banbury Cross photos are here.

EDIT: Ok so I'm putting it down to severe lack of sleep but I had to edit this blog as I'd written that the Riot Girls were shit when I actually meant the lighting was shit so if you read this blog entry before I edited it then hopefully this clears things up a bit. The Riot Girls are (and were on Friday night) awesome. Very sorry for the mistake. It's a terrible one to make.

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