Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Banbury Cross - Covent Garden

Last Saturday Banbury Cross was performing again in Covent Garden's Piazza but this time she was performing a brand new french routine. I was really looking forward to shooting this, as it was outside and in daylight I tried to shoot some colour too as I thought it might come out quite nice.

It was harder this time to shoot than before as the levels of sunlight kept changing quite dramatically and I had to change settings quite a lot and quite drastically to match the light.

I have to say going and taking photos of Banbury Cross in this sort of situation is almost the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

The rest of the Banbury Cross photos are here.

I've been really eager to take photos recently and do more portraits and 'people' photos and while at home and bored I roped Nicola into letting me take photos of her.

They aren't the most creative or greatest photos to look at but it's nice to be able to snap away and do something productive and a little confidence boosting.

Cheers to Nicola for letting me be annoying.

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