Thursday, 24 June 2010

Glitter Room - June

I went straight from the shoot on Sunday (which I wrote about in the last blog update) to the Glitter Room. It's weird having to travel from outside North London to outside South London.

As all of the recent Glitter Room shows I've shot have been done on my 50mm lens, I thought I'd try it with my 17-55mm lens to see if I could vary the shots a bit more. I always feel like I've missed shots when I have the 50mm as I struggle to do full body shots and other similar things.

It was a great show, lovely to see Ivy Paige hosting as I'm a fan and I was very impressed with Ruby Deshabille and Elle Amour who I had never seen perform before.

I was a good fun solid show.

It made me really want to crack on with working on getting a body of photos together for my book idea but I really want to get this TWLOHA project nailed first.

Trying something a little different with this one, the photos below should link back to the original Flickr page hopefully for each image.

Miss Betsy Rose - Glitter Room

Pete Storm - Glitter Room

Ruby Deshabille - Glitter Room

Elle Amour - Glitter Room

Marianne Cheesecake - Glitter Room

Rest of the photos are here.

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