Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Photoshoot: Behind the scenes

On Sunday I went to a photoshoot organised by another photographer (Jemma Austin), she had hired a studio and arranged 6 models for the day (shooting a mixture of stuff for Suicide Girls/Zivity/portfolio). Jemma asked if I wanted to do to come down and shoot as well. I really didn't fancy doing anything for SG as I think I would have been quite flustered/uncomfortable shooting with models having so many other people around. What I offered to do and what I thought would be quite interesting would be to do a load of candid/behind the scenes shots.

Thanks to some wonderful transport delays I was late and a little flustered/paniced but once I was there things were fine. It was really nice to meet everyone and there was a really cool chilled/fun atmosphere to the day. Everyone chipped in and helped out with ideas and suggestions.

The studio was itself was fairly standard but what I really liked was that the corridors outside looked like a disused building, lots of paint peeling off the walls and looking very run down (in a good way).

The other thing was despite being a bit of a cold day, the natural light was stunning and it was so easy to shoot in.

I wish I'd shot more of the actual shoots but didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

The other candid shots are here.

I did a quick portfolio shoot for Stacey. As well as being a fellow geek Stacey just looks flawless and is so easy to photograph. I know these shots aren't very adventurous/not pushing any boundries but these are pushing myself. I'm not good at working with people and it's taking me a long time to feel comfortable as a photographer in front of people. Especially when it comes to things like giving directions to models. Thank you to Stacey for sticking with me while we shot.

The rest of the shots of Stacey are here.

Suzi was so much fun to be around on the day, she spent the whole day giggling and her energy really helped keep everyone going. I got her to pose for some quick portraits after she had done her shoot. I really wanted to get across her personality in the photos and I wanted to keep it really simple. I've become really fascinated with very simple and basic portraits and think that they can sometimes be the most striking. I just let Suzi talk away and laugh while I snapped away. I'm really happy with these. I would definitely like to do more shots like this in the future.

There's a few more of Suzi here.

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  1. Stacey's hair is awesome, really pops, like how bits of the background are kinda purple as well.

    Love the behind the scenes stuff too, dont see behind the camera enuff even tho im usually behind it :/