Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I've been wanting to write this down for a while but I'm going to attempt to list all the projects I'd like to work on, for the time being I might keep it to 'realistic' ideas and then one day I'll write about 'dream' projects. What I end up doing with the photos I'm not really sure about yet but these are the things I want to work on.

Knuckle tattoos
Tattoos are something that I'm very interested in and something I think could be quite interesting is to do a series on knuckle tattoos and what they say. It's something thats quite a big commiment (more so than most other tattoos) because it can hinder your working career. I was thinking it could be what the tattoos are in a situation showing what they do. For instance singers in bands with microphones etc...

My friend Clint is thinking about us doing a project on London. I need to sit down and talk with him about this and work out some details.

London Burlesque
I really want to do a big project on London's burlesque scene. I have an idea of how I want to do this but I just need to get out and shoot as many shows as possible to get a large body of work to choose from.

Comic readers
Comics are a massive passion for me and really have shaped a lot of my life over the last 10 years. I would love to do a series of portraits on people reading (and maybe shopping for?) comics, preferably showing them in the place they normally read them. Whether thats on public transport, at home, in a coffee shop etc... Maybe do some bits on couples that both read comics and the differences in what they read. I'd also like to do something on people and their collections as well as some stock images that I'd like to sell.

Comic conventions
For the same reasons above I'd like to photograph the comics industry and do some work documenting the UK conventions and the dream would be to go and photograph the San Diego Comic Con.

Warped Tour
This kinda falls inbetween a dream and realistic idea. I just want to travel with warped and document anything and everything to do with it. Behind the scenes, production, bands, life on the tour, crowds and the places it travels through. I'd also like to do something on a smaller scale for bands in general.

Miss Led
I want to do more work on documenting Miss Led, I've mentioned this before but this is sort of in the works.

Frank and Steph Carter
As everyone should know by now, I love Gallows and one of the things that interests me most about the band is Frank and Steph, their relationship and their lives. Maybe mixing in work based around Frank's painting and tattooing.

To Write Love On Her Arms
This I have definitely mentioned before but I'd love based around TWLOHA and people suffering from depression.

Some of the things I've been thinking about is doing a UK based series of portraits or going out on warped and doing portraits of the people who come and check out the TWLOHA stall etc.. (and maybe bands who are supporting TWLOHA) or documenting TWLOHA in general/one of the TWLOHA days.

There's more in my head I think but it's good to get these down. The problem I have is I struggle to motivate myself to organise and do these things (mostly through fear/nerves/anxiety) and I kind of wish I had someone who was almost like a manager who could help me arrange things and help point me in the direction of what I needed to do and when. Dates and things that are upcoming confuse me at times and I struggle to see whats coming up.

It would be great to start working on something and I think it would be quite positive for me.

Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble.

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