Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hearts Under Fire & Download Festival

Hearts Under Fire won a wild card spot to play on the Red Bull Jam stage on Sunday at the Download Festival.

The girls were kind enough to sort me out with a photopass but I was only allowed to shoot bands on the stage they were playing.

I used to go to download every year but decided not to go last year because it just works out too expensive but I went for the day this year. The line up for the day wasn't great and there were only a few bands I was interested in but it was worth it to get to shoot HUF. I had to get up pretty early and make my way there (including a random cab ride with two Polish and two Columbian people going as well).

I decided before going that I wanted to shoot some shots of the crowds and people there. The day started off insanely sunny and I was worried about being sunburnt but as the day went on it got overly cloudy until it POURED with rain. I was absolutely drenched.

The great thing about the rain was as HUF were playing inside, a lot of people decided to go check them out so they could watch a band and shelter from the rain, this meant by the time they came on the tent was completely full.

I got to speak to them a bit before they went on and despite being nervous they went out there and played one of the best sounding sets I've seen them do. The lighting was really nice and I've decided that yellow lighting is my favourite light to shoot.

It really meant a lot to be there for such a special day for the band. It's the biggest crowd they've played to and they seemed to go down pretty well. Fingers crossed some good things come from this.

Well done girls, I'm insanely pleased for and proud of you all!

The other great thing about Download was I got to bump into Benjamin Gibson who took some pretty cool shots at the festival and Andrew Kendall. Andrew Kendall was one of the first 'big' music photographers who's work I saw when I first got started and was someone I've always looked up to. I got to have a really nice chat to him and am really thankfull he took the time to sit down and talk to me.

I took a very quick shot of the girls before they went onstage...

The rest of the HUF photos are here.

Shots of the people and crowds at Download

The other photos are here.

I left early due to the insane rain and ended up having two hours to wait for my train. I was pretty tired, soaking wet and a bit fed up. The only thing I could think to do to pass time was to take some photos of myself in the waiting room. Thankfully the station was empty. I

The other photos I shot in the waiting room are here.

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