Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rise Against

Just got round to uploading some photos I took at the end of last year. I took them for a website which hasn't as of yet used them. I can kind of understand why. I'm pleased with some of the shots but they aren't very commercial. They are quite expressive but due to the lighting, faces aren't very clear.

I was shooting at Brixton academy which is a great venue, its pretty big with a great lighting set up and large pit at the front. The only problem tonight was they seemed to flood the stage with light without really front lighting it very well. It also can be difficult getting good coverage of everything down to the size of the stage and it's hard to react and get from one side of the stage to the other.

It's always a joy to shoot in any of the larger venues and it's not every day I get to shoot big bands like these.

Poison The Well


Rise Against

I also Shot Escape The Fate and Hollywood Undead at Shepards Bush Empire, it was a pretty decent show and the lighting for Hollywood Undead was a dream come true. It was just spot on and I was pretty happy with my shots. Unfortunatly my laptop died just before christmas and i'd already backed up every thing except those shots. I've got one shot left of each band that I had emailed which i've uploaded.

Rise Against photos are here.

Thursday and Poison The Well photos are here.

Escape The Fate and Hollywood Undead.

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