Monday, 22 February 2010

Cupids Cabaret

I spent valentines day editing Gallows photos during the day and nursing my wounds from the night before. I had so much to do and was so shattered that I had to bail on taking some photos for 'Words and Pictures'. Sorry Julia.

Sunday evening I went down to what was meant to be the last show put on by Keith Suave. I think it's been hard for Keith because the shows have been great and it's a good venue but because it's Croydon not many people ever want to travel out, they'd rather go into town. The line up was more of a mixed bag of performers which I think worked very well. Banbury Cross and Beulah Bell are stunning and always put on a great show and Major Suttle-Tease would have stole the show had it not been for Banbury.

One of the performers was Frank Sinazi. He's a comedian who looks like Hitler but sings like Frank Sinatra. While being quite funny and clever it was very close to the mark and photograph-wise, it was too close for me. When you see his performance it's very easy to see that it's very tongue in cheek with a lot of comments on George Bush and Tony Blair but a photo could be so easily taken out of context and cause a lot more offense than his routine would. That made me feel quite uncomfortable.

The lighting was a little softer and different to normal but it was still good.

Banbury Cross

Banbury Cross is simply amazing. She is stunning and has a superb look. Her routines are so well done and really I don't think there's anyone doing what she does better at the moment. I'm really happy with how the photos of her that came out and one of the photos from her finale I think I nailed. Banbury is fast become a big muse for me. A lovely lady and easy/a pleasure to photograph.

Photos from the night are here.

The Banbury Cross photos are here.