Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Gallows - Watford Colosseum

If you haven't seen Gallows live then you're really missing out. More important than being one of my favourite bands, they are possibly my favourite live band and a massive muse for me. They have pretty much given me my passion back for taking photos at gigs and last year they were very crucial for me for personal reasons.

The thing that does it for me at Gallows shows is for energy and passion i've not seen anyone better than them. They give all of the shows everything they have. Frank is such an intense performer but there's also quite a few times where he seems so calm with so much going on around him, I like taking photos of those moments and I don't think i've seen anyone throw them and their guitar about as much as he does.

I also feel pretty fearless at times when photographing Gallows, I feel a lot more prepared to get into the middle of things to get some shots.

I was meant to see them at a charity show just before christmas but Steph was ill and several shows had to be postponed till now. After a bit of a mission of a journey involving loads of closed roads, snow and a sat nav trying to take us down bus lanes.

The venue was massive with a really high stage. The monitors on the height of the stage made it a little difficult at times to get a decent vantage point. The lighting for the support bands was really great, really strong lighting but when Gallows came on it became quite flat and a little harder to shoot.

The photos aren't great but i'm pleased with some of those. So thankyou to Gallows for constantly reminding me why I love taking photos of bands time and time again.

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  1. great shots mate..didnt know the colosseum put on live music!anyway, great work!