Monday, 15 February 2010

Gallows - Kingston Peel

Second Gallows gig was at the Peel in Kingston. It always amazes me how two shows by the same band can be so different. The peel is such a small venue and with a band like Gallows, that just leads to an insane show.

Small venues can be a bitch to shoot in. Unless you get down the front early it's hard to get a decent spot to shoot from and for busy shows I find it safer to pick one spot and stick with it. It means you might not get decent coverage of the stage but at least you can get something without having to shoot over the top of peoples heads.

I think i've shot enough shows like this to kind of go into autopilot, it may not be the best way but I find a setting that works and stick with it. You have to be so aware of everyone around you as you get knocked about by the crowd, stage divers and crowd surfers. Changing settings a lot just doesn't work for me as I try and shoot quickly and try and protect yourself and your camera.

I came away from the gig with a swollen cheek, brusied knuckles, thighs and knees but it was worth it. Gigs like this where it's a struggle make me feel like i've achieved something and like i've worked for the shots.

Sharks and Blackhole


It's rare for me to get photos of Lee.

Lags and Frank ended up crowd surfer at the same time and ended up on top of each other and I think Franks smile is priceless. Think he was glad to make it back to the stage in one piece.

On a personnal note:
I've mentioned before on here that the last year or so has been a struggle for me and how important my trip to New York and Warped. I've got through most of it with a lot of support from friends and family but before New York I was in a pretty bad way and felt pretty hopeless. Music and photograph were what I held on to, to keep me going and give me something to work on. It's an escapism I can't really do without. What I haven't really gone into is how important Gallows have been for me. Through Gallows i've met some great people who have become good friends. Gallows playing warped was one of the main reasons I decided to go and I really think without them and without that trip I think I may have ended up doing something stupid because they gave me hope, it made me happy and gave me something to be proud of again.

Things are better but its still hard keeping my head above water and seeing this band give me a boost I really need. With both sets of photos from their shows and the other photos from this week (including the ones i'm editing from the last Glitter Room show), I'm actually proud of what i've done for the first time since last summer. I feel like for a moment that i'm winning a little.

(I may delete this last chunk out depending on how I feel as i'm not sure it reads quite how I want it to or conveys what I want to get across. I'm pretty sure it comes across quite cheesy and drama queenish.)

Sharks and Blackhole photos are here.

Gallows photos are here.

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