Sunday, 28 February 2010

London Rollergirls

I was pretty lucky and got the chance to go to a private/season ticket holders only London Rollergirls bout between the Steam Rollers and the Suffra Jets. It was the first time i'd shot a Roller Derby and was pretty nervous. Photographing people and performers is one thing but people speeding round a track is another. I knew it would be tough to shoot, as they are going round a track i'd have almost just one chance per lap to get the shots along with trying to shoot fast enough to get clear photos but not too fast to take away all of the energy from the shots.

The lighting was quite bright but it was high so it cast quite a few shadows and my current set up meant I couldn't get right up close into the action due to my lenses not being long enough.

I really wanted to get some good photos and really wanted to impress the London Rollergirls because I wanted the opportunity to shoot this kind of event again. I came away feeling like i'd cocked up this opportunity and felt like i'd been knocked down a peg or two. It kinda reminded me how much about photography I don't know and much I stay in a little comfort bubble with the stuff I currently shoot. Safe to say I felt pretty dejected.

There are a few shots I liked and thought came out ok but I felt I should (or could?) have done better. I just hope the LGR like the shots. Guess we'll just see.

Everyone should check out a London Roller Girl event. Seems like a great community.

More information on the London Rollergirls can be found here.

The other photos from the night can be seen here.

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