Sunday, 19 September 2010

Shipwrecked! - A Tropical Burlesque Extravaganza

I haven't shot a burlesque show since June and shooting things like the Fuel Girls and looking back through old photos made me really want to get back out and starting shooting shows again.

I still really want to work on my burlesque book and I was planning on starting work on it in October but I got a message from Temptest Rose. She invited me to come down and shoot her new show at Madame Jojos. I've known Tempest for a while and written about her before as she hosted most of the Glitter Room shows.

She said I could come down early and shoot some backstage stuff beforehand (I've been dying to do this for a while). They had set Madame Jojos up with tables and chairs which was unusal for me as I've only ever seen it when it's just standing so I decided to shoot from the small walkway besides the stage as there was noone DJing up there like they normally have.

The show itself was called Shipwrecked and something I noticed and really loved about it was that it was a proper show. It had a theme that carried through most of it and with an opening performance (with Tempest Rose, Lola La Belle and Miss Betsy Rose) and one to close all of the performers joined in on stage (instead of calling them up for a bow) really helped bring everything together. I know it sounds obvious and other shows have themes but most burlesque shows I've been to feel like it's a selection of people performing one after another rather than performing together as part of an act. I hope that makes sense.

Madame Jojos is a weird place to shoot at, they normally just stick to having a bland red light for the whole performances and while they moved slightly away from this to start with by the end of the show the lighting was really stunning. Shooting from beside the stage was something new and I really liked some of the angles I was able to get (with the group performances).

I really loved the show and really enjoyed being back shooting burlesque again.

Thank you to Tempest Rose and Lola La Belle for a great evening.

Backstage - Shipwrecked!

Opening  - Shipwrecked!

Miss Betsy Rose - Shipwrecked!

Lola La Belle - Shipwrecked!

The other photos I took from the show can be seen here.

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