Sunday, 12 September 2010

My 'dream' list of people to photograph

OK so I always see people who I think I'd love to photograph / do a documentary series of photos on. I've been adding them to an imaginary list and have finally gotten round to writing it down.

I know some of these are slightly more achievable than others and some will never in a million years happen but that doesn't really matter. It's my dream list right?

So here it is...

Zak Smith
Mandy Morbid
Steve Prue
Fearne Cotton
Tara Mcpherson
Jim Mahfood
Miss Led
Brian Ewing
Courtney Love
Davina Mccall
James Woodford
Frank & Steph Carter
Hearts Under Fire
Paloma Faith
Jamie Tworkowski (TWLOHA)
Banbury Cross
Kelly Osbourne
Lindsay Lohan
Audrey Kitching
Demi Moore
Steph Carter & Eva Spence
The Bangkok Five
Stan Lee
Marino Lambrix
Juliette Lewis
Fuel Girls
Jared & Shannon Leto
30 Seconds To Mars
To Write Love On Her Arms
Vans Warped Tour
Travis Barker
Lauren Conrad
Dita Von Teese
Gerard Way
Craig Burton

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