Saturday, 4 September 2010

Craig Burton & El Wood - Comic Readers

Last Saturday I was hoping to take some photos of Craig Burton and El Wood for the 'Read Comics In Public Day' but didn't manage to do it on the day.

Thankfully I managed to rearrange it with them. Craig is a photographer and has been very helpful and extremely supportive this year and El is a model but they both help out at Frith Street Tattoo shop and I managed to grab 20 minutes with them on my lunch break to grab some shots for my comic readers project.

I was pretty nervous because of what they do but I guess because I didn't have a lot of time and I've known Craig for a while the nerves went pretty quickly.

We shot outside the tattoo shop and while shooting Craig the lighting was pretty nice but the sun really came out during the last few shots. It made shooting El a bit more tricky as there were a hell of a lot more shadows which I probably could have sorted out with a reflector (which I don't own but probably should) or flash (which I didn't really want to use). El was a trooper for doing this despite feeling really ill.

I think I'm finding that I'm far more comfortable shooting if I don't really have to give people directions. Just being able to just concentrate on shooting away relaxes me and I like to think it gets more natural looking shots.

I'm really happy to have gotten another two people done for this. I've got a few more people I have in mind to shoot I just need to sort it out. I don't really know where I'm going or what I'm going to do with all these photos in the end but it's really nice to be working on something.

Thank you very much to Craig and El for letting me do this!

Craig Burton - Comic Reader

El Wood - Comic Reader

The rest of the photos of Craig are here.

There's a few more of El you can see here.

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