Saturday, 18 September 2010

Protest The Pope

Living in London I always see or here about things like protests, marches and other public events happening and always want to go down to take photos and never get round to it. After shooting Pride it really made me want to take photos are more things like that.

Recently it's been hard to escape the fact that the Pope is on a state visit to London and there's been a lot of people objecting to the fact he's come over. The reasons why people are against his visit have been well publicised and there was a 'Protest The Pope' march to try and get the point across.

I went down to grab some photos but I wasn't really sure beforehand how big the event would be or if there would be restrictions on taking photos like there were for Pride (I had to get a press pass for that). Thankfully they allowed anyone to come down and take photos and I managed to get to the front to take photos of the people leading the parade as well as some of the speeches that were being given. From what was said/what I've read since being home was that there was about 10000 people taking part. I'm really glad I went and am pretty happy with the photos. I definitely want to try and get down and cover more things like this.

Protest The Pope - London

Protest The Pope - London

Protest The Pope - London

There's plenty more photos from the protest here.

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