Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Burlesque Idol - September

After what I thought was a pretty successful night at the Shipwrecked! show I went down to see the Burlesque Idol show at Madame Jojos.

This show was another one to highlight the inconsistances I notice in my photos. I'm not really sure why but something didn't click, whether it was the lighting or my positioning I'm not sure but I just felt like the photos were no way near as good as the previous show despite being in the same venue.

The show itself was good, the performers were trying to win a place in the Burlesque Idol final. There was a nice mix of performers at various stages of their burlesque careers. The judges kept their comments constructive and positive choosing to highlight the strong parts of the acts and things they can do more of rather than where they may or may not have gone wrong. One of the highlights though was that they had a comedian performing called Dan Wright, who I didn't realise until he mentioned it in his set that he was 'Little Cook' from 'Big Cook Little Cook' which took me back and made me smile.

One thing I've been happier about over this show and the last one is that I'm actually talking to people and making myself a little bit more known or putting a face to a name. This may seem like something small but it's a big step for me personnally. I find the burlesque scene to be far more welcoming and less intimidating (as a photographer) than the music scene.

Barnaby - Burlesque Idol

Burlesque Idol

Lolita Du Nuit - Burlesque Idol

The other photos I took from the show can be seen here.

All in all, it's been a busy 3 days over the weekend. There should be another update in a couple of days from the London Tattoo Convention.

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