Monday, 30 August 2010

Lights & Reading Comics In Public

Well this has been a pretty shitty week. It seemed to all kick off after my last blog post about my problem with Banquet Records and although I had a lot of supportive comments, there was also quite a few negative comments. I don't take compliments well but I take anything thats negative to heart. I know I shouldn't but I'm very hard on myself and don't have a lot of self confidence/esteem and negative comments just reinforce everything.

The whole situation couldn't have come at a worse time, I've been struggling again and insanely low in general and this seemed to be the icing on the cake. I saw that Lights was playing the Water Rats in Kings Cross and I had pretty much decided that if the gig goes well I'd carry on with photography and if it didn't then I'd take some time out from photography.

I felt like I'd hit a bad run of gigs and was really struggling to get reasonable images, let alone anything I was really proud of. With everything that had gone on I felt like it was all too much and didn't really felt like it was worth it.

Lights sounded great as she always does but the whole situation was terrible. I got there at a decent time but it was pouring with rain and the queue was huge. They opened the doors late so I was soaked and when I got inside they hadn't opened the main room so everyone was squeezed into the small front bar and once I got into the main room I couldn't get a decent spot. I got stuck and the person in front let two other photographers in front of her/me and I tried shooting round them but it just wasn't working. I ended up taking about 4 photos in the first 3ish songs and decided to leave. It's one of the worst gig/photography experiences I've had. It was so frustrating and just added to all the shit I was feeling. I'd pretty much had enough and had decided a break was the best thing.

This was the only remotely ok photo from the Lights gig...

Lights - Water Rats

I was pretty ok with my decision but the next day I got a message from Craig Burton about some photos we were meant to do together and I told him I think we'd have to leave it but totally regretted saying it. I don't really know why and I can't really explain what had changed as I was still feeling shit but I was actually excited about taking photos again.

I had planned to photograph some people for International Reading Comics In Public day and decided to try and do it anyway. I mentioned a while back on here that photographing people reading comics was a project I really wanted to do and I thought this would be a good starting point.

Thanks to rain and Craig being unwell I only got to shoot Mark Gamble. I've arranged to shoot a couple more sets of photos this week, so hopefully this all goes well.

The photos of Mark aren't amazing but it was nice to be out shooting again.

Mark Gamble - Reading Comics

The other photos of Mark are here.


  1. Pleased you're still going on with photography, you really do have an excellent talent though I understand that if it's not making you happy, and is instead making you feel more shit that's not a good situation to be in.

    Will be happy and interested to see how this new project develops.

    Its obvious its what you love but perhaps just take a short break from the gig photography, from the stress due to these external fuck-ups.

    Perhaps by concentrating on street photography and such alternate projects you can re-develop your enjoyment and love for it.

  2. Thank you Sarah. I do think I need a break from gig photography and I don't have anything planned for that for a while except maybe one of two things. I do really feel like I need a change of direction and to do something different. Fingers crossed I can follow through with it.