Sunday, 22 August 2010

Fuel Girls - Unholy (Aug)

There seems to be a theme of disapointing photos at the moment and especially after my photos of The Fuel Girls from the Unholy club night at the Scala I really wanted another shot at taking photos of them as I knew I could do better.

Thankfully they sorted me out with a pass for Unholy again which was going to be the last one and when I turned up there were two acts on before The Fuel Girls.

One act was a guy just making random noises on some sample machines and shouting nonsense down a microphone.

The second act was equaly bizarre (especially considering it was a metal night), it was a deadly serious, non ironic Britney Spears tribute act. She looked and sounded like her but it couldn't have been more out of place if it tried.

Britney Spears Tribute Act - Unholy

You can see more of Britney here.

Last time the venue had kept the lights really low and thankfully the lighting was a hell of a lot better this time. I got covered in champagne more than I ever had before and although my camera was soaked, I'm really happy with the shots.

The Fuels Girls are great and I can't wait to photograph them again. Not sure if I mentioned this before but I really want to shoot their aerial act.

Hopefully the girls will like these photos especially as they are so much fun to take.

Fuel Girls - Unholy

Fuel Girls - Unholy

Fuel Girls - Unholy

Fuel Girls - Unholy

The rest of the photos of The Fuel Girls from the night are here.


  1. stunning pictures, that girl really does look like britney!

  2. Thank you! Yeah she did but it made for a very fucking surreal night.