Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bryan Lee O'Malley

I started reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels about 4 years and loved them straight away. The creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley was one of those people I never actually thought I'd get to meet unless I went to a convention in the states.

Thanks to the Scott Pilgrim movie (which is great) we managed to get him for a signing at work.

He was a really nice guy and I had a great time at the signing. My photos from the signings at work tend to be pretty standard but there's one where he looked straight down the camera which I think has come out really well.

I'd strongly advise you to see the movie and read the books.

Bryan Lee O'Malley - Forbidden Planet

Bryan Lee O'Malley - Forbidden Planet

Bryan Lee O'Malley - Forbidden Planet

The rest of the photos from the signing are here.

I've moved house and am without the Internet, both these facts mixed with being very busy in general means I'm still editing photos from Hevy fest and reckon I may have them done and online this weekend.

I entered a competition through Vice and although I wasn't chosen as a finalist, I made it as one of 40 runners up and there's a party tonight showing all the finalists and runner ups photos. It's going to be weird seeing one of my photos up on display in public. Not sure how I'm going to react. It's something I've always dreamed about and I may have a little panic attack or something as the tiny bit of attention I may get is something I'm not used to. There's an NME competition as well which I may enter but there's two categories, professional and amateur and I don't think I fit into either of those so I don't really know what to do or if it's worth entering at all.

I'm seeing Gallows again tomorrow night and I'm not expecting much photography wise as my photos the last two times I've shot them I've been disappointed with my photos.

Recently I've been looking more at other photographers work and I've found it a little soul crushing. I find it hard thinking about the fact I'll never shoot to the same level as these people.

I've also spent a lot of time daydreaming about shooting Warped next year for the whole tour. A guy can dream right?

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