Monday, 2 August 2010

Hearts Under Fire - Underage Festival

Hearts Under Fire have had a really amazing run of festival shows recently and on Sunday they played Sonisphere and Underage Festival in the same day. I was hoping to shoot them at both but Sonisphere fell through because they didn't get back to the girls at all about my pass.

I headed up to meet them at Victoria Park for Underage Fest and despite some trouble getting in (thanks to a really disorganised box office and a million entrances for different people I got to catch them play. I really like shooting outdoors with natural light and I think what little style I have works in this kind of setting.

They were playing on a bandstand which meant there were big pillars blocking some of the view of Nicky and Steph but the girls sounded great.

It was really nice getting to chill out with them when they finished backstage and watched them be interviewed for the Red Bull Bedroom Jam website. I'm really hoping this is the start of something for them and they can carry this momentum on.

I think the highlight was watching and photographing Steph and Lexi having a water fight with their friend Tim (before having to do another interview soaking wet).

I'm hoping the photos of them backstage is something a little different from me.

They want me to do their next set of promos which I'm both happy about and kinda nervous. I don't want to let the girls down and leave them with a shit set of photos but I don't really want to pass up the oppertunity. I'm just not very good with models and getting something good will be a struggle. It doesn't help that the last set of photos they had done were done by Tom Barnes and were great. I loved the style. I know it's not a competition and I'm not trying to out do Tom but by the same token if the photos aren't up to scratch they will look even worse when put beside other great photos.

I'm crossing my fingers for some good news that may or may not come on Wednesday and I've got some photos from a gig I shot last night (Trash Talk, Polar Bear Club, Gallows and Sick Of It All) to edit and Upload. I'm also meant to be shooting Hevy Fest this weekend but I feel like thats going to go horribly wrong.

Hearts Under Fire - Underage Festival

Hearts Under Fire - Underage Festival

Hearts Under Fire - Underage Festival

Hearts Under Fire - Underage Festival

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