Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sinful Sunday

The very talented Knickerbocker Glories put on their own show called 'Sinful Sunday' at the Tooting Tram and Social which is pretty much just down the road from me. The place is stunning and has a great feel to it and it had the added bonus of having a really strong line up (and being free!) so I was pretty excited to check it out. I had some friends coming down. It was their first burlesque show and although I'd been building up the fact it was going to be a really good show, I was worried it wouldn't match the expectations I'd set.

The show was amazing and probably the best all round burlesque show I've been to. Miss Dolly Rose and Banbury Cross were brilliant, I haven't seen them both perform for a good few months now and it just made me want to see them again. It was great to finally see Domino Burlesk perform and Kiki Kaboom is always a joy to watch.

The highlight of the night though was Eastend Cabaret. I really wish my photos did their performance justice. They were incredibly funny and clever with brilliant voices.

I have mixed feeling about my photos from the night. The lighting was a lot better than I expected and I came away feeling like I'd nailed it. After editing the photos, there aren't anywhere near as many decent shots as I thought there would be but the ones that are useable I'm happy with. I just don't think they convey how great the show was. I did get to catch up with Miss Dolly Rose and Banbury Cross which was lovely. Banbury quite often does two or three shows in a night sometimes and I would love to cover all of those with her and do a sort of 'night in the life of Banbury Cross' (but not call it that).

It's nice to be doing more burlesque again, I really enjoy it and miss it. I do frustrate myself as it makes me wish I was working towards getting my book done but I just feel a bit directionless (and scared).

Miss Dolly Rose - Sinful Sunday

Eastend Cabaret - Sinful Sunday

Banbury Cross - Sinful Sunday

The rest of the photos from the night are here.

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    What a great show!