Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lunartik - Kid Robot

I shot a lot of signings, events and launches for Forbidden Planet through work but Friday was the first time I've photograph an event in another store. Lunartik (Matt Jones) was previewing his new 'Mini Teas' at Kid Robot in Covent Garden (as well as launching/promoting his charity 'Custom tea tour' auction).

There were loads of his pieces on display and a big cupcake centre piece in the shop and lots of the artists that took part in the 'Custom tea tour'. The shop was pretty busy and I tried to do take some shots of the art toys and some general shots of the people and the shop. I really wanted to do some portraits of the artists but just really didn't have the confidence to do it. One thing I like about busy events is it's easy for me to just going round taking photos without people really noticing. It was nice talking to Matt and I love his work. Hopefully I'll have more of a chance to do some photography of him and his work.

I've tried to shoot more colour recently and with it being the evening in a shop I tried to think more about the white balance and made adjustments there rather than trying to sort out the colour in photoshop later. The shop has different types of lights in different partMy camera still doesn't feel right and I might have to take it in for a service nearer Christmas. I'm thinking about trying to talk more about the details of the shots life ISOs, shutter speeds etc... but I really think my technical knowledge is lacking.

I was meant to go straight from Kid Robot to shoot Hearts Under Fire in Kingston but they had to cancel the gig due to Lexi being pretty unwell.

Lunartik - Kid Robot Store London

Lunartik - Kid Robot Store London

Lunartik - Kid Robot Store London

Lunartik - Kid Robot Store London

The rest of the photos from the night are here.

You can see Lunartik's work here.

You can also bid on the charity auction here.

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