Monday, 1 November 2010


Today is November 1st and along with a few people from work, I've decided to take part in Movember. The idea is meant to be that you start the month clean shaven and spend the rest of the month growing a moustache.

We all decided to do something slightly differe and grow out our facial and start the month with a moustache already rather than grow one through the month. The important thing is that it's all for charity. I thought that I look like an idiot all year round so I might as well try and raise some money while doing it.

The money raised goes towards male (cancer) based charities and while I personally haven't had anyone close to me effected by cancer, it doesn't mean I won't have someone effected in the future and I have friends who have/had family members diagnosed with cancer. It feels good to raise money and be doing something good and worthwhile. Although the money goes towards research into things like prostate cancer, I feel like any money going towards any cancer research benifits everyone.

I now have my moustache and am ready to rock it through Movember. I may try and post more photos throughout the month as I may change the style of it.



There are a few other photos from the big shave here.

You can donate/sponsor me here. Any money given would be amazing and I'd be eternally grateful. Thank you to all the people who have supported me so far and (in advance) to the people that will support me.

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