Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New York 2010

Last summer I went over to New York and did a lot of photography and it was really great for me personally and I was really pleased with what I shot (as I've mentioned before). I was pretty nervous about going over again this summer as I wanted to have a great time like I did before and I wanted to take photos again but I didn't want the photos to be the same as before. I wanted to keep the same look and style but get something new and to try taking photos in some different areas of the city too.

Despite the odd spot of rain during the week I had a great time. Got to hang out with some friends and catch up with one of my big photography inspirations (Steve Prue). He is a great photographer and has always been very supportive of me. He's pretty good at helping me out and meeting up when I go over.

It was a pretty packed and busy week, did somethings I hadn't done before like visiting Coney Island and spent more time in Williamsburg. I think the two things I wish I had done while I was over was photograph Brooklyn (and especially Williamsburg) more and photographed a freak show in Coney Island.

I took more photographs of buildings and surrounding areas this time and tried to do more night shots as well. I don't think I shot as intensely as I did last year but I think I was a bit more precise when doing it.

I got to see Rival Schools and Weezer by the river in Williamsburg with an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. I would have killed to be able to have taken my camera in to shoot the bands or to simply shoot the view. Regardless of being camera less that was a one of the best nights of the holiday. Everything about it really was perfect.

Doing this kind of street photography again really made me think that I'd love to capture more American cities and especially some of the small suburban areas.

I love New York.

New York

New York

New York Public Library

New York

New York


I have one more blog to put up from New York which will be my blog about Warped which will be up later in the week.

You can see the other photos from around the city here.

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