Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Gotham Roller Girls

I went to New York for 9 days last week and got back yesterday. This will probably be the first of three updates this week(ish) about the trip. After getting off the plane in New York and dumping the bags at the hotel I went straight up to Hunters College to watch a Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout. It was Queens Of Pain vs Brooklyn Bombshells. It was something I was quite looking forward to as I shot the two London Rollergirls bouts and it would be good to do something similar in a different country.

There was a pretty big queue and I was actually surprise how many people were there. The track was in a college gym which had proper seating off the floor so you could look down and have a better view of the track. There were a few track side seats but a lot of those people got nailed by falling skaters as they have a pretty small run off area.

Got introduced to a couple of the Gotham Girls staff who were really nice and friendly and got show where I could and couldn't go.

The bout was really good, very fast and hard hitting. The photographers could pretty much shoot any of the corners on the track which meant that I could get a pretty good vantage point of the start line and I could get some more close up photos of the skaters. Each team also had cheerleaders who help get the crowd going between jams which was a nice touch.

I really enjoyed shooting the bout but I was so tired and really struggled to get through to the end. It was good to hit the ground running a bit in New York.

Big thank you to the awesome Gotham Girls for letting me come and shoot!

Queens Of Pain vs Brooklyn Bombshells

Queens Of Pain vs Brooklyn Bombshells

Queens Of Pain vs Brooklyn Bombshells

Queens Of Pain vs Brooklyn Bombshells

The rest of the photos from the bout can be seen here.

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