Monday, 9 November 2009

Solipsistic Pop Launch

Several of my friends have all contributed to a new comic anthology called Solipsistic Pop. It's been getting quite a bit of press and was released yesterday as part of the ICA's Comica festival during the Comiket (alternative comics market) and there was a launch party after.

Julia asked me to come along and take some pictures. I feel quite bad because as much as i'm happy with some of the shots I feel like it's not what they would have wanted as a documentation of the launch. This was because taking photos of people/strangers always/still freaks the shit out of me so I ended up shooting in my 'sneaky' style.

Something which I think was a nice touch was the fact they had some of the contributors drawing (with a camera set up projecting onto a wall what they were drawing.

More photos from the night are here.

More information on Solipsistic Pop (and where to buy it) can be seen here.

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