Wednesday, 18 November 2009


A while ago I ventured into the world of Lomography when I bought a Lomo fisheye camera. Since then i'd always had my eye on the actionsampler cameras and on a whim not that long ago I bought one. I love it, it takes four photos (with flash) on a single 35mm frame. It's been fun experimenting a bit with it and i've certainly learnt some do's and dont's. It seems to work best if you move the camera when taking photos to get the 4 images as different as possible. I would like to try and use this more at gigs but the flash isn't that strong and as the shutter speed is quite fast, the gig shots I tried came out quite under exposed. I'm quite please with the ones I used without flash that have a nice blur and colouring to them.

More photos can be seen at the bottom of my Lomo/Holga set on flickr.

If you've never seen it before check out the Lomography site here.

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