Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Crossfire Halloween Massacre

Halloween I decided to go to the Crossfire Halloween Massacre which was in an indoor carpark around Old Street, there were two rooms with DJs, a couple of bands playing and a skate ramp.

For the most part it was really hard to shoot as it was very dark with next to no lighting. The only decent place to shoot the skate ramp from was on it and as I wasn't shooting officially I didn't want to push my luck. I could shoot from the side but the side was covered by a net which meant shooting through holes and rips in it.

I'm quite pleased with how the photos turned out in it end, considering the lack of lighting i'm pleased with how my flash shots came out and I feel the skate shots are more expressive and i'm starting to realise how much my shots aren't 'commercial' which is a shame but i'm enjoying shooting how I want. All the skateboarders were in costume which made things quite amusing. Did spend the whole night panicing that I was going to end up with a skateboard to the face (or camera).

It was nice to be able to shoot bands, skateboarding and crowd shots all in one night. I'd really like to go to more things that Crossfire put on.

Looking forward to some of the things i've got coming up. I'm seeing IWRESTLEDABEARONCE tonight and hopefully shooting the launch of a comics anthology on Sunday which should be good. I've got shots from Sunday nights Glitter Room show which was amazing.

More photos from the night are here.

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