Saturday, 4 December 2010

Japanese Voyeurs & Young Guns - Electric Ballroom

I got an email from Romily (the singer of Japanese Voyeurs) saying she'd seen the photos of them I'd taken at the MAdM show and liked them. She offered to sort me out with a pass for their show supporting Young Guns at the Electric Ballroom. Recently I've felt a little weird with regards to my blog. Some days I'm proud of it, really enjoy writing it and putting it up. Then other times I struggle to find things to write and feel like it's incredibly boring and self indulgent. Things like the email from Romily make me a bit more sure and justified about the way I do things.

I'd been away with work for several days and had worked some ridiculus hours so before hand I really wasn't excited for the show but the minute I got to the venue I felt a hell of a lot better. Japanese Voyeurs were on early and they killed it. I really like them and they are great to shoot. There's something about them. The Swellers were second and were ok but not 100% my sort of thing. I've photographed Young Guns before and their singer Gustav is really fun to photograph, he has a lot of energy and covers the stage well.

I'm pretty happy with how the photos have come out and I'm really enjoying how I'm taking photos at the moment. I'm trying to shoot a bit more free and looser. I hope it shows.

Thank you to Japanese Voyeurs for sorting this out.

Japanese Voyeurs
Japanese Voyeurs - Electric Ballroom

Japanese Voyeurs - Electric Ballroom

Japanese Voyeurs - Electric Ballroom

The Swellers
The Swellers - Electric Ballroom

The Swellers - Electric Ballroom

Young Guns
Young Guns - Electric Ballroom

Young Guns - Electric Ballroom

Young Guns - Electric Ballroom

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Someone at the show I had a brief exchange that went like this:

"Who do you shoot for?"
"Oh so you do freelance for a lot of different people and magazines?"
"No, I just shoot for me"

I feel like photography and music photography especially can be a bit of a pissing contest and unless you are working for someone it can feel like you are being looked down upon. It shouldn't matter who I work for, I do what I do because I enjoy it and it made me really appreciate the other photographers I know who don't make photography feel like a competition. The only person I compete with is myself. I am constantly battling with my confidence and self esteem and when I am happy with the photos I take (like I was last night) and get emails or comments like I did from JV (and Gallows), it justifies everything for me.


  1. I remember the exchange you mentioned at the bottom. I don't think she was essentially trying to compete, that's just a bit how she is! It's a bit upfront I know, I guess but I'm used to it.

    And good on you for just doing this because you love it. You're right that it can feel like a contest and people do look down on others. But I guess all that matters is how you rate your photos.

    I looked through all the ones you took and they are ace (:

  2. It wasn't her specifically but using what she said as an example to illustrate my opinion on some general attitudes. It's also to do with my confidence and my own feelings of inadequacy.

    Thank you! Look forward to seeing yours and it was nice to see you again.