Thursday, 30 December 2010

Edgar Wright

Earlier this year I had the privilege of meeting Bryan Lee O'Malley which was great as I was a big fan of the Scott Pilgrim books. I also really enjoyed the movie and it was probably my favourite movie of the year (which meant I was pretty excited when I found out Edgar Wright was coming into Forbidden Planet). I've been a fan of Edgar since Spaced was on Channel 4.

The photos from the signing really aren't the best signing photos I've taken. It's a shame as Edgar was great, really nice and chatty with everyone and I wish I could have done that justice. I would love to photograph both Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg together signing. I reckon it would be pretty interesting.

I've said before that I struggle to keep signing photos different each time I cover them and I really struggled with this one getting the exposures and colouring right.

The signing got me thinking about how I would like to try photographing on a big film set and document a films production.

It's kinda weird thinking this was the last set of photos I will have taken in 2010.

Edgar Wright - Forbidden Planet signing

Edgar Wright - Forbidden Planet signing

The other photos from the signing are here.


  1. what a lovely way to end your photographic journey through 2010!

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  2. Thank you! It felt a sort of sombre way to finish it.

    Checked out your blog. It's fantastic.